M village – Value and vision

M Village is a model of long-term and short-term accommodation for young people with a modern aesthetic design and fully equipped living space. The community space has many green areas, full of inspiration, besides with activities to connect residents with residents, residents with the community to bring people closer together.

A modern living space that enhances living experiences and values ​​by providing affordable and inspiring living spaces with residents with shared values ​​and attachments. share with each other. Mvillage's development goal in the next 5 years is not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asian markets.

M Village is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh, with a streamlined and efficient staff of 30 people including operations and offices. M Village currently has 5 branches in Ho Chi Minh City. The company's human resources and human values ​​always emphasize on "Sincerity, Openness, Creativity and Pioneering". With a customer mindset as the focus to continuously innovate and create added value for customers, the company and the community.