M Village – accommodation model to increase investment efficiency

Recently, many young people have posted short videos on TikTok showing off where they live - a beautiful small room from M Village with full amenities with airy natural trees. This is one of many beautiful living space corners at the current 5 locations of M Village – a model of short and long-term accommodation that is developing at a strong rate in Ho Chi Minh City.

M Village is an ecosystem of young people's living experiences, renovated on real estate into a model of short and long-term accommodation, integrated with dining, working, and community connection facilities. In particular, the ecosystem is conveniently connected via one-touch technology right on smartphones.
Developed by a team of founders who are skilled and knowledgeable about young people's tastes, M Village brings together big pluses: Modern design that emphasizes community connection and sustainability. That explains why M Village reached 90-95% occupancy even though it was launched at the most intense time during the pandemic.

Mr. Phan Minh Tam - Chairman of the Board of Directors of STI, who was the first person to confidently pour capital into M Village and personally experience the service, said: “M Village has solved the big problem of exploiting rental space thanks to its equipment. Smart design, modern service and good application of technology. I believe that with M Village as a thoughtful and visionary partner, together with homeowners effectively exploit large vacant spaces to bring unique experiences to young people.”

Source: https://www.24h.com.vn/ Kinh-doanh/luc-hap-dan-cua-mo-hinh-luu-tru-hien-dai-cac-chu-nha-khong-the-bo -qua-c161a1345636.html?gidzl=kdz0SQYctrIwPqTrfB3PMhbkG7czuD1UzcvBAhxWXW-bDnnxlxo5MF1a5NgviuHQzZaOUs4gxwaNeQFOKG