CEO Nguyen Hai Ninh and M village

“I have been involved in building a business for over 10 years and now I want to create something permanent. Coffee may not be a social problem, but lack of living space is a global problem”, “M Village is not a real estate company, but a coordinator”, CEO Nguyen Hai Ninh emphasized.

M Village is a platform to connect available resources to solve existing problems in society, not the usual model of renting land, building houses and renting them out. The rooms in M ​​Village are rented for from 8 million VND/month (including electricity, laundry, cleaning twice a week…), but will be flexibly adjusted, depending on the area, the apartment. based on the land rent in that area of ​​M Village. Most of M Village's customers are those with a total income of at least VND 25 million/month; quick to adapt to digital tools but always eager to interact and connect with real people; consider sustainable, environmentally friendly factors when consuming,…

Observing many countries when having the opportunity to set foot in, Ninh realized that, if nothing is done to change, Ho Chi Minh City will soon become Hong Kong, in terms of crowded land, with apartments. Tiny like a box, stacked on top of each other, reaching tens of floors. People's quality of life is also difficult to improve if they have to live in a stuffy space. Therefore, CEO Ninh is determined to build the first shared living space of M Village in a very thoughtful way to find the most standard model before expanding, solving the problem of lack of accommodation in society.

Quoted from: Investment Newspaper