24H Tech Group – Current Activities, Mission Vision, and Next 5 Year Target.

Considered as the eldest member of STI Holdings, 24H Tech Group always has a strong position and potential for continuous development.
24H Online Advertising Joint Stock Company was established in 2004. The company is the owner of 2 leading news websites in Vietnam, including 24h.com.vn and Eva.vn. In 2019, 24H Tech Group officially launched 24hmoney.vn App (including web version) to enrich the Company's products and ecosystem, bringing more value to users.
In an effort to act as a general portal, 24H Tech Group has been working with other partners to continuously update information on its website. This effort paid off when www.24h.com.vn was recognized as the number 1 website for online news, www.eva.vn was considered the number 1 online channel for women. With more than 20 topics and 30 categories, websites have an average monthly readership of over 75 million visitors/month and 2 billion visitors/month
With websites for specific user groups, 24H is the first choice of most Vietnamese in general, and Internet users in particular when they need to update news quickly and accurately. With the mission of "Update accurate and continuous information to readers and bring practical values to customers", 24H Tech Group always strives to build a team of excellent editors; at the same time, focus on developing technology to meet the needs of readers and customers. With more than 17 years of development, 24H is also a familiar name that accompanies many readers and businesses, especially sports enthusiasts. Based on such strong position, 24H aims to achieve the goal of becoming "a leading company in providing online advertising services in Vietnam".
In the vision of the next 5 years, 24h.com.vn and 24H News will be the leading news sites in terms of accurate and reliable updates, providing readers with quick and timely information. Continuing to hold the No. 1 position in information channels in Vietnam. Eva will always be the number 1 news channel for women, becoming an indispensable companion of Vietnamese women. 24H Money will expand to other Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand, Singapore, and is an application that gives accurate, fast and reliable financial information to readers across the country.