24H Tech Group – The magical growing story

Mr. Phan Minh Tam - Chairman of the Board of Directors of 24H - joked that: "The first news on the website 24h.com.vn when it was born had a sour "taste" of sweat, a "smell" of burning compliments. of grilled pork rolls".

Graduated with honors from University of Science and Technology majoring in control technology from Bach Khoa University, but his life was hectic, Mr. Phan Minh Tam went to work through several companies: FPT, Ho Linh Giang, TOGI… but ended up dealing in chemicals. and non-ferrous metals. He has always wondered: In the US, everything is available on the Internet, but in Vietnam, information on the Internet is very poor. When ADSL was born in Vietnam, Mr. Tam decided to leave the profitable business to start researching business models on the Internet with just the capital… trust.

The idea of ​​providing information content on the Internet completely convinced Nguyen Thanh Long – a friend from the university days of Phan Minh Tam, a programmer without any martial arts skills and running a losing business. In January 2004, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long started writing software for the system. On June 1, 2004, two Mr. Tam - Long officially submitted the application to establish a 24h company with "headquarters" which is the net product number 27 Chua Lang - Hanoi with only 20 square meters: no toilet, no door; There is no air conditioning, the air in the room is terribly hot and always thick with the smell of burning praise from the bun cha restaurant outside the door.

By 2021, 24H has a workforce of more than 350 employees in both regions and over 14,000 customers. Leading the general news and entertainment sites in Vietnam with a total of 1.2 billion page openings per month, 24 hours is the first choice of most Vietnamese Internet users when they need to update. Fast, accurate and reliable information. In the same year, 24H officially rose to become a 24H Tech Group with the goal of expanding to other Southeast Asian markets in the next 5 years and always maintaining the mission of "Update accurate information, continuously to readers and bring practical values ​​to customers”.

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