Chairman of 24H Tech Group – Mr. Phan Minh Tam – talks about success lessons

Mr. Phan Minh Tam - Chairman of the Board of Directors of 24h Online Advertising JSC - in 2017 as an angel investor in Pega e-bike startup. Drawing on 26 years of business and more than 30 companies, Mr. Tam shares 3 things with entrepreneurs to build a successful business.

First, the company strategy should be as simple as possible.
The second is the "lazy" story of the Vietnamese.
Third, don't listen to success stories, whether of Bill Gates or Jack Ma, or even the success story of himself as 24H's founder.
He also believes that if you learn, you should learn from failure. The story of success is gone, but the story of failure will still be there.

Quoted from: Cafebiz . Newspaper question-hay-hoc-tu-that-bai-20170805143846328.chn