Ecomobi is becoming the leading affiliate platform in Southeast Asia

Sharing about the plan in 2022, Ecomobi CEO - Mr. Truong Cong Thanh said: "In 2022, Ecomobi will launch a completely new technology platform. This platform not only supports KOL, KOC to increase income from Affiliate marketing, or receive Booking from brands, etc. but also opens other ways to make money online from their own followers on social network. Ecomobi's mission is to help content creators realize their limitless potential, generate income from each person's passion and strengths."

Facing the severe economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecomobi is a prominent startup in the affiliate market named in the "golden table" with unbelievable achievements: More than 17 million successful orders, the total GMV is 170 million USD in 2021, GMV Indonesia alone reaches 42 million USD while Thailand market reaches 45 million USD. Also this year, the Ecomobi Social Selling Platform welcomed the entry of 89,000 new content creators across 5 Southeast Asian countries. In which, Indonesia with 25,000 new content creators and Thailand reached 27,000.

Quoted from: Yahoo Finance