What did VTV1 say about Kyna English 1 on 1?

Choosing an English course for your child is very difficult: how to make your child learn effectively when the level is far beyond his peers, studying at an English center is not feasible when there is a big difference in level. .
This is also a limitation of the classes at the center: the level of English is not uniform, which makes the acquisition of each child different and the teacher cannot follow each child closely to overcome weaknesses, focus on points. each child's strength is okay
As one of the few places to invest methodically in: curriculum, teachers, teaching, learning system… Kyna English 1 on 1 has emerged as the TOP course among thousands of courses, online tutors, no… surprised that 500,000 parents, many famous Kols choose this course. This is also the "phenomenon" mentioned a lot in Vtv1, Vnexpress, Eva
Parents can see more information about the new 1-on-1 English learning method here: https://bit.ly/3d8s401