ANTS.VN – VTV1 Start-up “ANTS Advertising Exchange” – FPT Techday 2015 – Technology & Life

Dr. Dinh Le Dat - Co-Founder & General Director of ANTS, Former Technology Director of FPT Online JSC, Big Data Technology Specialist of FPT Corporation - shared about ANTS. ANTS is Vietnam's first real-time bidding online auction (ANTS Ad Exchange), operating on the basis of Big Data technology.

ANTS is a data-driven advertising solution platform (Data-Driven Marketing) following the cloud service model (Software as a Serivce) to help businesses approach multi-channel advertising in an optimal and effective way. Best. With big data processing technology Data Management Platform (DMP), ANTS's advertising solution helps brands to personalize ads for each online user on any device and channel such as Google, Facebook or other channels. Vietnamese electronic newspaper.