30Shine’s impressive growth and 2026 IPO target

From two stores in 2015, up to now, 30Shine has had nearly 80 stores nationwide, 1200 seat slots and a team of barbers and caretakers up to 1800 people. According to statistics from Bee Advisory, 30Shine's hair salon chain currently has a total of 75 stores nationwide and one store in Thailand, leading the men's barber shop market share in Vietnam. 30Shine owns brand awareness up to 75%, 3 times higher than the next competitor, Liem Barber with 24% brand awareness.

30Shine creates great coverage with a community of up to 2.3 million people on social platforms, creating engaging content when it comes to brands. Next, to expand the scale, the chain clearly locates the customer segment that they are targeting, thereby building a standard haircut process for this target group.

30Shine has also established its own training academy, along with collecting feedback and improving the team continuously to ensure service quality. For future directions, 30Shine always tracks and collects data through a system they develop themselves. The 30Shine chain believes that the data numbers in the business will greatly help with its future expansion and 2026 IPO target.

Quoted from: Vietnambiz Newspaper
https://vietnambiz.vn/chien-luoc-nao-cua-30shine-de-tu-mot-salon-toc-nho-o-thu-do-toi-muc-tieu-ipo-nam-2026-20210810122221853. htm