30Shine – The untold story

In May 2015, the first store of the 30shine men's haircut chain opened at 7 Cat Linh, Hanoi. This is an area of ​​about 40m2 – it can be considered quite large at that time.

Sharing about the name 30shine, CEO Nguyen Huy Hoang said, 30shine is "30 minutes of shining". This name includes both the process and the meaning of the haircut chain. CEO Hoang said that since he started his career, he has been inspired by the story of the "king of the nail industry" in the US - Charlie Ton Quy - when he knew how to take advantage and make the most of the world. strength of Vietnamese people in their business model.

Applying management techniques from major retail chains in Vietnam, Hoang and his associates quickly established processes and standards for barbering activities. From how new customers entering the 30shine store will be greeted, consulted during the haircut, until the customer pays and leaves with a new hairstyle…

Quoted from: The Leader Newspaper