30Shine’s Products and Team

Customers have a great experience with 30Shine through those following products and services:

  • SHINE COMBO 10 STEPS: Coming to 30Shine, customers can experience a new and exciting shining journey - where every man not only has his hair cut but also gets more value than that. It is a new spirit full of energy, a shining new look for helping customers to be confident and successful in life. This is an experience that connects millions of customers every year and is also an inspiration for 30Shine to strive every day.
  • CUTTING, CURLING, COLORING, TREATMENT SERVICE PACKAGES ….: Always updating with the latest trends in the market, creating a modern, confident, outstanding beauty.
  • SUPPLEMENT SERVICES: Ear waxing, massage, styling, cutting and shampooing Supper Vip…. giving special attention to the individual needs of each customer.
  • PRIVILEGES PACKAGE FOR LOYAL CUSTOMERS: ShineMember, TopUp… offering more benefits to loyal customers.
  • WARRANTY SERVICE: A special service only available at 30Shine that demonstrates a strong commitment to responsibility and care for customers.
  • HAIR CARE, SKINCARE, HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS: With a variety of categories, product quality is strictly tested and distributed on many online/Salon channels, providing a comprehensive solution for men in beauty and health care.

30Shine always considers human resources as the most valuable asset and the key to the success and future growth of the Company. 2,000 employees of 30Shine all have good expertise, passion, interest and be willing to learn and develop continuously by themselves; create a young, dynamic and creative working environment. We builds a human resources team based on the spirit: Constantly caring and spreading faith to everyone to together innovate and have a more meaningful life. We are committed to building and maintaining a respectful, professional working environment where everyone can contribute to the success of the Company. 30Shine has a strong belief in the good things inherent in every person and desire the relationship between Company and Human resources to be strengthened under together winning spirit. All employees are totally promoted the maximal self-command in their work.