Anycar Vietnam’s Products, Services and Team

Anycar provides a complete ecosystem for customers in the used car business, in which the main focus is on the following products and services:

  • BUY, SELL, CONSIGNMENT CAR: Anycar-  trustworthy than acquaintances. Pioneering in the used cars aspect, Anycar is the only brand in the used cars business that commits to have
    insurance for (engine and gear) after selling the cars.
  • SELLING CAR ACCESSORIES, CAR TOYS: Providing all types of car accessories, decoration and utility support for driver according to each model, specific car generation.
  • SALE CHEAPEST - FASTEST CAR INSURANCE: Connecting with all Insurance Agencies, supporting the fastest compensation procedure with a shortened process of 4 steps instead of 10 steps as usual.
  • REPAIR, MAINTENANCE SERVICE WORKSHOP: Genuine standard service process, Application of advanced technology, synchronization of platforms in the ecosystem.

Anycar Vietnam always considers human resources as the most valuable property and the key to success and development for the company in the future. Anycar Vietnam's workforce currently consists of more than 120 employees, including masters, bachelors, specialists, engineers, and technicians who are highly qualified, professional, experienced, hard working and flexible, perfectly suitable for a dynamic and creative working environment.
Anycar Vietnam is also very proud of the management team and the wise leadership of the Board of Directors. That is a combination of seasoned experience, talent, enthusiasm and expertise in the field of repairing, buying and selling new and used cars. We builds a human resources team based on the Core Values ​​including 5 elements: Integrity - Commitment - Teamwork - Friendliness - Progressiveness. Anycar is committed to creating and maintaining a respectful and professional working environment where everyone can contribute to the success of the company and all efforts and dedications are recognized and rightfully appreciated. To strengthen human resource management ability and spur the development of employees, Anycar Vietnam will further establish and improve a system of professional title standards, key performance indicators in our working environment in the future.